About Us

Alloy Casting
3900 Peachtree Rd
Mesquite, TX  75180



Founded in 1945, Alloy Casting has grown to be one of America’s leading producers of quality, aluminum castings.  Based in Mesquite, Texas (minutes away from downtown Dallas), Alloy Casting has been part of the Texas business community for over 60 years.

Since 1982, Alloy Casting has been owned and operated by Jon McGraw.   With a degree in metallurgical engineering from Case Western Reserve, an MBA from Stanford University and a professional resume that includes Reynolds Aluminum, Trane Corporation and New Jersey Steel, Jon is an expert in the foundry industry.  His depth of knowledge ranges from the structural properties of metals through to best foundry industry practice. 


Alloy Casting uses a traditional 2,000-year-old production method coupled with the latest in design technology to produce quality, custom, decorative and functional aluminum castings.  Jon and the company have pioneered the manufacture and use of special alloys and techniques including bendable aluminum and marine grade aluminum.