Marine Grade Aluminum

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Marine grade aluminum by Alloy CastingMany alloys of aluminum contain residual amounts of copper. These aluminum metals, when exposed to a corrosive environment (sea coast areas, swimming pool areas, golf courses, etc), exhibit white corrosion on the surface. This white corrosion will flake and peel the decorative coating on the surface. It is this galvanic corrosion set up between the aluminum and the residual copper that causes the white corrosion and it is the same process that turns your battery terminal white. To eliminate the galvanic corrosion, a higher purity aluminum is used. Because that the higher purity aluminum is very soft, magnesium is added back to raise the operating strength. Typically we use specified alloy 535 and our own blend, CA5 to greatly reduce the corrosion. Any casting in our full range catalog can be produced in the marine grade alloys.